.       This genealogy is in 2 volumes, spiral bound, 1200 pages total (600 sheets), with a 200+ page index at
.        the back of Volume 2.  It contains 7 chapters on the Nester family of Berks and surrounding counties of
.        Pennsylvania (Montgomery, Schuylkill, Lehigh,York, Cumberland, Adams, Philadelphia).  Also con
.        tains 11 chapters on the descendants of Frederick Nester (b 1739) and his son Jacob (b 1766) of
.        Montgomery Co, Va.  Also contains a chapter on Daniel Nester (b ca 1831) of Logan Co, Va (WVa)
.        and another chapter on the families of Catherine Nester who m Arnold Perry and Elizabeth Nester who
.        m AllenTrig Brumfield. These 2 families lived in Wayne and Logan Co's, Va (WVa).

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.        An outline of the book: Outline
.        The first page: Frederick Nester,1
.        Post-publication corrections/additions: Changes

.        NOTE: The website is has more information than the books with respect to pictures, WW I
.                     and WW II draft registration forms, and death certificates, plus some previously un-
.                     identified lineages, plus corrections of errors.  The books have many detailed ref-
.                     erences and documents that are not on the website, including:  Frederick Nester,1's
.                     and Andrew Nester,2's estate documents, as well as Frederick Nester,2's Rev War
.                     pension application and many deeds and land patents in NC and Virginia.  Census
.                     entries thru 1930 for the females lines are listed in the books, but only some of this
.                     is on the website.  The website has the 1940 census information also.  There are only
.                     a few missing census records that haven't been located despite extensive searching.      

.         Note: More info is available at Families on the following interrelated families of Carroll and surrounding counties of Virginia
.                         (and some of their ancestral families):
Bobbitt, Bond, Cock, Collier, Cox, Dalton, Dickens, Goad, Henson, Hughett, Horton, Hylton, Jennings, Largen,
.                 Phillips, Reece (and Huff), Sutphin (and Owen), Webb
.                                                     BOOK ORDERS
.   "Frederick Nester (ca 1709 - 1782) of Berks County, Pa and Descendants"
.                                                 8th Edition (May 2003)
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