Daniel Nester (#J) , b ca 1831-32 Va, of Logan Co, Va (WVa), who m Valeria Brumfield, was listed in earlier editions
of my Nester genealogy as a possible son of Daniel Nester of Floyd Co, Va.  I was theorizing that he was the son b ca
1830-35 in the 1840 census.  Now, many internet sites have blindly copied my earlier theory, but have omitted that
this was ONLY A POSSIBILITY.  There is a strong family tradition that Daniel was actually a son of John, an Indian
boy who was adopted by Moses Brown, who also had adopted an orphaned Nester girl.  John changed his name to Nes-
ter, after marrying that unnamed Nester girl.  This version, by some of his descendants, is so detailed, that it seems very
.               Daniel Nester, c1805-07 - 1866, s/o Jacob Nester
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email:

G    Daniel Nester,4                                                                                                              11   (Jacob,3,Frederick,2,Frederick,1)
.           b ca 1805-07 Va; d 8 Oct 1866 Danville, Mo, "age 60" (filed under "A's" in Floyd Co, Va death records by mistake, son-in-law
.              William Austin informant).  See note below.
.           m 2 Jun 1824 Grayson Co, Va to his 1st cousin Elizabeth Hughett (Betsy), b ca 1802-04 Va, d after 1880, d/o
William E. Hughett
.               and Elizabeth Goad (d/o Abraham Goad (#23)).
.               Note:  Some internet sites claim that Daniel's wife Elizabeth died in Missouri in 1835, but this is absolutely false.  The last record
.                          of her is when she was living with her daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law William G. Austin in Montgomery Co, Va in
.                          1880.  Some sources claim she d 1898 Mo, but no evidence given.  This latter claim is on Jody Goad's site, and has been
.                          copied by others.  An 1890 document filled out by her son William says "she has not been heard of for about seven years".

.           1830 Montgomery Co, Va census, p 84, Daniel Nester, 11012-20101001.  (his mother Catherine is prob the older female, and the
.                    other older males are prob his brothers James and Jonathan)
.           1840 Floyd Co, Va census, p 182, Daniel Nester, 111101-321001.
.           1850 Carroll Co census, p 340, #323/323, Daniel Nester,45 Va, farmer, $700, Elizabeth,48 Va, Frances,16 Va, Polly,15 Va, Jacob,13
.                    Va, Milly,11 Va, Betsey A.,9 Va, James M.,5 Va.
.           1860 Floyd Co census, p 135, #977/910, Daniel Nester,53 Va, farmer, $1700, $53, Elizabeth,54, Nancy,16, deaf and dumb, Jas M.,
.                    15.
.           1866 Floyd Co Chancery Order Bk 2, p 15-16: Suit filed against Daniel's son Jacob and Daniel's administrator Joshua Duncan by
.                    Harvey Deskins and Thomas W. Williamson, who were trying to recover a debt Jacob had owned them since 1855, claiming a
.                    portion of Jacob's inheritance.  This suit contains the only reference to Daniel's estate:
.                        ".... Daniel Nester left a widow and 10 other distributees of the estate.... Said Nester died in the state of Missouri while on
.                          a trip and respondent is informed that there was found on his person $225 in currency & $60 in specie and had with him
.                          property worth about $400 which he hopes soon to get.  He left at home a very small amount of household furniture and
.                          some farming tools and debts on this respondent and Aaron Phillips for real estate for about seven hundred dolars and per-
.                          haps a small amount of other debts.  Respondent does not know amount of Daniel Nesters indebtedness but he believes it
.                          to be small.  Said Daniel Nester left no real estate."
.           1870 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley + B Fork Dist, p 29, #193/181, Elizabeth Nestor,66 Va, cannot read or write, living with Wil-
.                    liam G. Austin's family.
.           1880 Montgomery Co census, Auburn Twp, ED 56, p 478C, #53/53, Elizabeth Nester,86 Va (wid/div, mother-in-law), disabled,
.                    cannot read or write, living with William G. Austin's family.
.           1900 census, Elizabeth not located.

.           issue:  (Jonathan and David are by deduction and no document specifically lists them as sons of Daniel.  See note below.)

1.   Jonathan Nester, b ca 1824-25, m Matilda Hurst.
.                 Moved to Pulaski Co, Va.

2.   Sarah Nester, b ca 1822-25 Va, m David William Duncan.
.                 David and his 2nd wife Elizabeth Hughett moved to Hancock Co, Ill by 1880.

3.   William Nester, b 20 Dec 1825 "Floyd" Co (Montgomery Co), Va, m Barbara Ann Holler (Annie).
.                 William attended the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind in Staunton, Augusta Co, Va and lived out the remainder of his
.                 life in Shenandoah Co, Va.  (He is assigned code number G3, since he was previously and erroneously thought to be the same
.                 person as Jacob below, since William's entry papers for the VSDB gave his birth year as 1837, and David's code number of
.                 G2 is not easily changed.  An 1890 marriage record statement gave his birth year as 1825, and said he is the 3rd child.)

4.   David Crockett Nester (Crockett), b 13 Jun 1826 Va, m Sarah Elizabeth Mangus (Elizabeth).
.                 Moved to Cass Co, Ill.

5.   Susannah Nester, b ca 1825-27 Va, m William R. Hurst (Bill).
.                 Moved to Mercer Co, WVa.

6.   (son) Nester, b ca 1830-35.  There is a possibility that this is the John Nester who m 15 Mar 1856 Floyd Co to Rosabella
.                 Hill.  No further record and no proof of this relationship, and he isn't located in the 1850 census.  There was a John Nester, b
.                 1828, d Oct 1864, bur Calvary Cem, Villa Ridge, Pulaski Co, Ill, with a small child, but no evidence this is same family.

7.   Mary Nester (Polly), b ca 1834-35 Floyd Co, m(1) John Phillips, m(2) Frederick Quesenberry.

8.   Frances Nester (Fanny), b 1835 Va, m Blanche W. Duncan.

9.   Jacob Nester, b ca 1837 Va, m Nancy Phillips (Nannie).
.                 He disappeared after his marriage to Nancy, with no further record.

10.   Elizabeth Ann Nester (Betsy), b ca 1838-41 Floyd Co (b Apr 1835 acc to 1900 census), m William G. W. Austin.
.                 Moved to Montgomery and Bland Co's, Va.

11.   Millia Nester (Millie), b ca 1839 Floyd Co, m 4 Jul 1858 Floyd Co to Alphonso Alexander Dalton (Alexander) (#413), b
.                 May 1836 Wythe Co, s/o John Dalton and Elizabeth Burk.  Alexander m(2) 10 Aug 1899 Carroll Co, Va to Sarah Elizabeth
.                 Kemp Collins, b Sep 1845 Va.

12.   Nancy Nester, b 13 Jun 1842 Va.  Single.
.                 She also attended the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind in Staunton, Augusta Co, Va.  See her enrollment card
.                 provided by William L. Barber.
.                 1870 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley, + B Fork Twp, p 33, #256/242, Nancy Nester,24 Va, deaf + dumb, living with Frederick
.                          and Polly Quesenberry family.
.                 1880 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley, p 295B, #39/40, Nancy Nester,34 Va, deaf and dumb, living with Fredric and Mary Que-
.                          sinberry family.

13.   James M. Nester (Matt), b 30 May 1848 Floyd Co (b May 1847 acc to 1900 census), m(1) Leah Mabry, m(2) Consowella
.                 Blairigan Krackenberger.
.                 Moved to Cass Co, Ill.

.          Notes: 1.   Jonathan Nester's and David Crocket Nester's parentage is not proven by a specific document, but rather by deduction.
.                           The other sons of Jacob Nester who lived in the Montgomery and Grayson Co's area of Virginia had well identified sons
.                           and no unidentified sons in the 1830 and 1840 census':
.                           a.   William Nester.  An 1848 lawsuit lists his children, including sons Anderson, James, Franklin, and Aaron.
.                           b.   Joshua Nester.  1880 settlement of his estate lists only one son: John.  Both David and Jonathan were dead by then,
.                                 but Joshua's 1840 census only lists one son: born ca 1825-30 (John b 1829).
.                           c.   Abraham Nester.  1830 census lists 1 son b 1820-25, and 3 sons b 1825-30.  These were Reuben, Aaron, Andrew, and
.                                 Frederick.
.                           The other sons of Jacob either had moved West (John, Frederick, and Andrew), or were too young (James and Jonathan).
.                           So Jonathan and David were apparently sons of Daniel, unless one hypothesizes they were born out of wedlock to one of
.                           Jacob's daus or to Daniel's brothers.
.                     2.   In the 1990s I received a correspondence that claimed that Daniel "Eskue", who was Daniel Nester, was murdered in
.                           Missouri by the outlaw Jesse James.  I can't find that letter at the moment, so the source is unknown, and can't otherwise
.                           prove or disprove this claim.  The known history of Jesse James makes no mention of this.