.                     Jacob Nester, c1837 -    , s/o Daniel Nester
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.                                                                   author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

G4   Jacob Nester,5                                                                                               G   (Daniel,4,Jacob,3,Frederick,2,Frederick,1)
.            b ca 1837 Va; d after 1856.  (mentioned as still living at the time of his father's death in 1866)
.            m 7 Apr 1856 Surry Co, NC to
Nancy Phillips (Nannie) (#421212a), b ca 1839 Va, prob d 1870's, d/o Ambrose C. Phillips
.                (#421212) and Lucinda (Lucy) (Jennings by tradition).  No record of Nancy after the 1870 census.

.            No further record of Jacob Nester after his 1856 marriage, except in 1866 he was stated to be living out of state by Joshua Duncan,
.            the administrator of his father Daniel Nester's estate.

.            1850 Floyd Co, Va census, p 340, #323/323, Jacob Nester,13 Va, living with Daniel Nester.
.            1855, 13 Feb to 22 Apr 1856: Jacob Nester became indebted to merchants Harvey Deskins and Thomas W. Williamson on four
.                      accounts.  Judgements for them on these accounts were obtained in the Floyd Count court on 21 May 1857.  When Jacob's
.                      father Daniel died on Oct 1866, these two merchants attempted to sue him for his share of Daniel's estate.  See Floyd Co
.                      Chancery Order Bk 2, p 15-16, 1866, which states that Jacob was living out of state.
.            1860 Carroll Co census, p 924, #983/989, Nancy,21 Va, Preston,5 Va, living with (?Ambrose) Phillips.
.            1870 Carroll Co census, Pine Creek, p 469, #252/259, Nancy Nester,31 Va, keeping house, Preston,14 Va, Sarah,11 Va, Jas,4 Va,
.                     (inf dau),5/12 Va.
.            1880 census, Nancy not located, but two of her children living with her parents:
.            1880 Carroll Co census, Pine Creek, p 77D, #393/400, Jane,9 Va (grandchild), William,8 Va (grandchild), living with A.C. and
.                     Lucy Phillips.

.            issue: (of Jacob and Nancy):

1.   Ballard Preston Nester (Preston), b 1858 Floyd Co, Va (b Mar 1857 acc to 1900 census), m(1) Liona Moore, m(2) Irena
.                  Reece (Irene).  Moved to Mercer Co, WVa.

.            issue (of Nancy, but not of Jacob):

2.   Sarah Victoria Nester (Victoria), b 1862 Carroll Co, m 10 Apr 1880 Floyd Co to her mother's 2nd cousin Wesley Quesen-
.                  berry, b Aug 1855 Floyd Co, s/o Lewis C. Quesenberry and Sarah Jane Cox (Sally) (d/o
William Braxton Cox (Brack) (#33)).
.                  Wesley was Largen Wesley Quesenberry, s/o Lewis C. H. Quesenberry and Sarah ("Sally") Jane Cox, by some accounts.
.                  1870 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley & Burks Fork Twp, p 24, #158/150, Braxton Cox,63 Va, farmer, Nancy,63 Va, Sally Que-
.                           senberry,35 Va, Wesley,15 Va, Emaline,13 Va, Lucy Jane,11 Va, Nancy Phillips,25 Va, Tazewell,9 Va, Jackson,7 Va.
.                  1880 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley, p 297B, #81/82, Sarah Nester,18 Va, servant, Wesly Quesenberry,24 Va, laborer, living
.                           with Preston and Permelia Phillips.  (this was
Preston K. Phillips (#421215))
.                  1900 census, family not located.

3.   James G. Phillips, b ca 1866-68 Va.  This is apparently James Garland Phillips (Garland), and the source of the listing of
.                  Garland Nester as a s/o Nancy Phillips Nester, by the author in Ref's 1 and 2 below.  The author in his 2nd book, below, listed
.                  James Garland Phillips as a s/o
James Phillips (#421412) and Nancy Cox (Nannie), confusing this Nancy with the one who m
.                  Jacob Nester.  The only James in the area in 1870 and 1880 was the s/o Nancy Phillips Nester:
.                  1880 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley, p 300A, #127/129, James G. Phillips,12 (nepew), farmer, living with Owen and Luvena
.                           Quesenberry.  (Luvena was James' aunt Louvena Phillips Quesenberry (Vena))
.                  Therefore the following is apparently the s/o Nancy Phillips Nester (Nannie) and not Nancy Cox Phillips (Nannie):
James Garland Phillips (Garland), b ca 1865-68 Floyd Co, d prior 1900, m 26 Nov 1886 Surry Co, NC to Pensanner Lay-
.                  man (Nannie), b 10 Dec 1867 Patrick Co, Va, d 15 Nov 1890, d/o William C. and Nancy E. Layman.  Wid, James m(2) 26 Jan
.                  1894 Floyd Co to his mother's 1st cousin Lillie Marshie Phillips (Marshie), b 18 Jan 1878 Floyd Co, d 31 Jan 1907, d/o
.                  ton K. Phillips (#421215) and Martha Permelia Cox (Cock).
.                  I also have his family recorded on my Phillips site:
James Garland Phillips (Garland) (#421212a1).
.                  1890 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley, Martha P. Phillips,36, Lillie M.,11, Daisy,9, Evana W.,7, Daniel,3.
.                  1900 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley ED 15, sheet 5B, #82/84, Lillie M. Phillip, Jan 1878 Va (wid, 0 ch), living with Martha P.
.                           Phillip.
.                  1900 census, James not located.  (the James Phillips, b Nov 1868 Va, in Pulaski Co was James E. in 1910 - James Ellis Phillips)
James Ellis Phillips (Jim) (#42121231), b 1868, m Phoeba Jane Phillips.
.                  issue:
a.   Charles R. Phillips, b 11 Mar 1887, d 1903 WVa in a mine explosion.  Not located in 1900 census.
b.   Perry Everett Phillips, b 6 Jun 1889, d 1903 WVa in a mine explosion.  Not located in 1900 census.

4.   Millie Jane Phillips (Jane), b 21 Jun 1870 Carroll Co, d 20 Oct 1957 Floyd Co, "d/o Nannie Phillips", bur Turpin-Simpkins-
.                  Phillips Cem, Indian Valley, m 24 May 1888 Carroll Co to her 3rd cousin
John Henry Phillips (#4212261), b 3 May 1867
.                  Floyd Co, d 19 Feb 1958, bur Turpin-Simpkins-Phillips Cem, s/o Bryant Pleasant/Presant Phillips and Alley Adeline Phillips.
.                  See
picture of her and John's tombstone below.

5.   William Jackson Phillips (Will,Willie), b 5 Oct 1870 Carroll Co (b Feb 1871 acc to 1900 census), d 22 Apr 1926 Montgom-
.                  ery Co, "age about 53, s/o Peter Phillips and Nannie Phillips", m 1 Jan 1891 Floyd Co to his 3rd cousin Sarah Elsie Phillips
.                  (Elsie), b 17 Apr 1869 Floyd Co, d 11 Sep 1930, d/o
Mahlon Phillips (#421222) and Rachel Montgomery.  Will and Elsie were
.                  bur in Capt George Quesenberry Cem, Indian Valley.  See
pictures of Will's and Elsie's tombstone below.
.                  There was no Peter Phillips with wife Nannie in the Floyd/Montgomery/Carroll County area.
.                  I also have his family recorded on my Phillips site:
William Jackson Phillips (#421212a2).
.                  1900 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley, ED 15, sheet 10B, #175/178, Wm J. Phillips, Feb 1871 Va, farmer, Sarah E., Apr 1869 Va
.                           (marr 9 yrs, 5 ch, 4 living), Orby S., Jan 92 Va, Dessie J., Sep 95 Va, Minnie E., Nov 97 Va, Mauda, Dec 00 Va (5/12).
.                  1910 census, family not located.
.                  1920 Pulaski Co, Va census, Mox Creek Pct, Hiwassee Dist, ED 59, sheet 13B, #196/198, Will Phillips,45 Va, farmer, general
.                           farm, Elsie,40 Va, Maudie,20 Va, Gracie,19 Va, Mattie,17 Va.
.                  1930 Pulaski Co census, Dublin Dist, St Albans Sanaterium, ED 78-2, sheet 12B, #247/247, Elsie Phillips,60 Va (wid), Ruby E.,
.                           15 Va (gd), Troy W.,12 Va (gs), Okie M.,11 Va (gd).
.                  issue:
a.   Orbie Sherman Phillips, b 31 Jan 1891 Floyd Co, d 14 Nov 1924, bur Capt George Quesenberry Cem, m 8 Jan 1913
.                        Floyd Co to Mary Elizabeth Kenley (Elizabeth), b 1 Mar 1893 Indian Valley, d 4 Oct 1924, bur Capt George Quesenberry
.                        Cem, d/o John Jackson Kenley (Jackson) and Cora Belle Young.
b.   Minnie E. Phillips, b 27 Nov 1897 Va, d 22 Jul 1921, bur Capt George Quesenberry Cem, m Charles Crawford Gallimore
.                        (Charlie), b 14 Jan 1892 Floyd Co, d 24 Jan 1958, bur Big Sand Cem, s/o John Henry Gallimore and Luanna Harris.  Charlie
.                        m(2) Lillie Adelaide Rigney Phillips, b 28 Mar 1896, d 29 Oct 1942, bur Big Sand Cem, d/o Stuart Rigney and Luvina
.                        Quesenberry.
c.   Dessie J. Phillips, b Sep 1895 Carroll Co m 3 Oct 1914 Pulaski Co to Benjamin H. Gray, b 19 May 1888 Page Co, Va, d
.                        19 Oct 1940, bur Capt George Quesenberry Cem, s/o Phillip and C. Gray.
d.   Maude Phillips (Maudie), b Dec 1899 Floyd Co, d 13 Sep 1933, m 27 May 1926 Pulaski Co to Byrd Richardson, b 1905
.                        Pulaski Co, d 9 Oct 1939, s/o John W. and Bell Richardson.
e.   Gracie Ellen Phillips, b ca 1901 Floyd Co, m 14 Mar 1925 Radford to Marvin Roosevelt Boyd, b ca 1905 Floyd Co, s/o
.                        N. D. and E. Boyd.
f.    Mattie Phillips, b ca 1903 Floyd Co, m 26 Dec 1927 Radford to Willet Charlie Boyd, b ca 1906 Floyd Co, s/o Dudley and
.                        Emma Boyd.

.            Ref:  1. "
Ambrose N. Cox, Sr., Descendants 1772-1972", 1973, Elza B. Cox, p 468-69.  The author lists the children of Nancy
.                           (Nannie) Phillips and Jacob Nester as Willie Nester, m Elsie Phillips, Garland Nester, Jane Nester, m John H. Phillips,
.                           Preston Nester, m Sallie Nester.
.                     2. "
The Genealogy of William Tobias Phillips....", 1989, Elza B. Cox, p 37, 526.  The author lists the children of Nancy
.                           (Nannie) Phillips and Jacob Nester as Ballard "Preston" Nester, Garland Nester, Sarah Victoria Nester, and Nancy's
.                           additional children as James Phillips, Millie "Jane" Phillips, and William (Willie) J. Phillips.
.                     3.   
www.findagrave.com, info by Victoria Taylor-True.  This says that Millie Jane Phillips' father was Caswell P. Mont-
.                           gomery (Kid), by tradition.
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.  Photo by Wanda Simpkins on rootsweb.com
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